Monday, February 6, 2012

striped shawl

A year and a half ago my friend Christine taught me the knit stitch. I was visiting her in Minneapolis and when she told me she could knit, I wouldn't leave until she taught me. Last summer she came to visit and mentioned that she wanted to learn to knit a shawl. Since she didn't stay long enough for me to teach her to knit one, I secretly started knitting a shawl for her. 

The idea was to finish it by Christmas. I started in August, so I figured there'd be no problem.  Oh, but there was a problem. At this point you should probably check out what the pattern is supposed to look like. Do a quick little comparison and see if you can spot the difference between my version and the original. Yep, mine is missing the beautiful lace edging. This is the first time I've been completely flummoxed by a pattern. Flummoxed to the point of hiding the shawl for months on end and hoping it would magically finish itself. 

No matter how many times I tried to follow the lace chart, the numbers just wouldn't match up. My stitches did not equate to the pattern. Stumped, I finally threw in the chart and did a garter stitch edge. It's simple and not quite so dreamy, but I hope Christine will appreciate a finished shawl more than one still waiting on the needles. I do love the Noro colors and the arrow-like striping. 

* * * 

Do you knit or crochet shawls? Do you wear them? 

I really like making shawls--I've crocheted a couple and knit this one--but I don't often wear shawls. I talked with Andi recently about shawls, and she mentioned she had the same problem.


  1. Pretty! I made one shawl and wore it a couple times but I don't think I really pull it off, so it mostly hangs on my closet door, it's still pretty to look at!

  2. I think the edging looks great and I love the colors you chose!

  3. That is beautiful. How could your friend not appreciate and adore that beauty?
    I so wish I wore shawls. Maybe I should try a little harder. :)

  4. Wow, this turned out beautiful! Great colors, too!

    I like to knit and crochet shawls--it's really relaxing. I tend to wear mine wrapped around my neck like a scarf, with the point in the front.

  5. Love the look of your shawl.
    I really love the look of shawls and have made a couple, both knit & crochet. But I just don't seem to be able to wear them

  6. Love all the colours and the gray! I think it looks better without the lace edging, especially since you chose to use a lot of colours....if you had both, I think it would be too much. This is the first shawl I made ( and it is still wore frequently by my younger daughter now. I made a shawl of sorts for one of our chickens and a bunch of little ones for the papier mache birds I have been making....all crocheted shawls.

  7. How pretty! I have the same problem; I love looking at all the pretty, feminine shawls, but I never come close to wearing one more than once or twice a year, so I hate to make one without a reason to wear one.... :-\

  8. That shawl is a beauty! The colours work so well together. Well done for persevering! I am pretty much a novice knitter too but I found the Never Not Knitting 'Cosette Shawl' perfectly do-able (see the abovementioned blog and click on patterns). I posted my version on my little space I think in November under the heading 'What Colour Is Winter?' but there are many more on Ravelry of course.

    Wishing you a happy week.


  9. No worries... I definitely didn't notice anything was missing! I did notice the Noro colors - which I love! This shawl has become a staple to my long-sleeved gray t-shirts and jeans ensemble (except now my ensemble looks so much better!). Thank you for remembering how much I wanted a shawl. I started knitting one last summer for Mary's wedding, but it is still "in-progress" on my book shelf... :-/ Hopefully I'll finish it this summer?...


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