Saturday, December 10, 2011

floppy-eared bunnies

 Bunnies featured heavily in my childhood. Peter Cottontail, the Easter Bunny, and these adorable sleepy rabbits kept me company through bedtime stories as I drifted off to sleep. My mom and I had matching pink and white bunny slippers. We kept a concrete bunny in the garden named PeeWee. To top it all off, "Bunny" is the nickname my mom gave to my sister and me when we were kids. Actually, I'm pretty sure she still calls us that sometimes. So, when I came across the hopsalot pattern, I knew I had to make these sweet little critters.

The knitting part was quick and easy--big needles and two strands of yarn held together. This was the first time I've held two strands together. It was no harder than regular knitting.

What held me up was the felting. I started by hand-felting the slippers, which took about a million years and left me with one slipper that fit and one that fell off my foot every time I tried to walk. I chucked them into the washer and dryer, which made for a slightly better fit. In the end, I just had to stitch up the top of the heel on the bigger slipper so that it fits more snugly.

 I still found myself stealing K's slippers when he wasn't looking. He's got store bought ones with comfy, substantial soles. My bunny slippers felt more like glorified socks. My solution was to cut out two foot-shaped pieces from a felted scarf and tuck them inside the slippers. The felt lining makes a world of difference. It's thick and cushy, making the slippers more comfortable and giving them more structure. K can keep his slippers. I'll take my bunnies.

And just like the bunnies of my youth, these have fluffy white tails. I love them. 

I can see myself making another pair of these slippers sometime down the line. The fit issues I had make me want to take on other projects first and let my frustrations settle. Next time I'd skip the hand-felting and go straight to the machine. Find more details here.


  1. Oh, they are so adorable! And they look impressive.

    I attempted to make some slippers a while back but had the same problem with them not having enough structure. My current slipper's soles are falling off and it got me thinking I could probably re-purpose the soles in my new handmade slippers----you know, once I get around to making said slippers. ;)

  2. Oh my! Those are just adorable!!

  3. This project is beyond cute. I love the story behind them, too. How sweet!

  4. My nickname is bunny too!
    and now I have two nieces called bunny after me.

    I love love love your slippers and am horribly jealous that I do not have the talent to make my own.

  5. These must be the cutest slippers ever!!!
    I had similar bunny love in my childhood, and am quite envious of these

  6. What cute slippers! You are amazing...

  7. They're adorable. I can just see you hopping around in the morning wearing your floppy slippers.

  8. How adorable! I would probably walk into walls because I was watching my feet if I wore those!! They would make a fantastic gift!!

  9. I've missed you, Allison! You have made such BEAUTIFUL things since I've been away! I'm in awe of your knitting skills...really...amazing.

    I love the bits of your new home.

    And I adore the post with your handwriting.

  10. Hi!

    I just found you on Tuesday and I love this blog already! You make beautiful things, and I love your love of crochet-- it's a very under-appreciated art form if you ask me!

    Looking forward to "getting to know you" :-)

  11. I love your slippers but even more I love your story.
    What a lovely memory she gave to you.
    Thanks for sharing both!
    cheers suki

  12. I feel like Veruca Salt when I see these! I want them now! Adorable!

  13. i am smitten! may i post this on my pinterest?

  14. Just adorable! They look very comfortable and I love the pompon-tail.


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